Author: Gisio

bechamel sauce

Béchamel Sauce

The secret, as with any roux based sauce, is to use fat and flower in equal measure (by weight). Ok “Something to add flavours to the milk” sounds a bit vague, but it should be! It depends where the sauce is going to be used. A bay leave, an onion […]

Courgette Jam

With this recipe you can use courgette or marrows, but yellow courgettes work best. (*) There are two ways to check that jam is set. The easiest one is to get a jam thermometer, once the jam has reached 105 degree Celsius it’s ready. The other one is to put […]

Crema Pasticcera

Crema pasticcera is the Italian version of custard, although is much thicker. It’s very versatile, it can be used on loads of desserts, or just eaten with a spoon 😉 Enjoy it! It’s truly glorious.

Thai Green Curry

Thai Green Curry is technically a soup, although in the West is generally serve thicker.   If you use shop bought curry paste or a previosly frozen home made paste use 2 tablespoons, if you use a fresh one use 3. Home made curry paste does not have the stabilisers […]

Green Curry Paste

Nothing compares to a homemade curry paste: I promise it’s worth the hassle! This recipe is for 5 or 6 curries. The amounts are based around a bunch of coriander with roots, to minimize waste, it can be frozen and it lasts for about 5 months in the freezer. For […]