Gio, My Story

Hello my name is Gisio Udinese. My real name is actually Adalgisio, but I do not really love it. In fact, my parents could have avoided the grandmother’s name.
The center of my life is my mother and her kitchen. When I visit my family in summer – I live in London where I work as a graphics designer, but I come from Bari, in the south of Italy – I’m more in the kitchen than at the seaside. I try and try again with my mother and all her friends of old Bari the traditional recipes and the most interesting ones collected from the web or from the culinary magazines.
This passion has taken me so much that I decided to write this blog.

Anyone who has been born in Puglia or has spent the holidays knows how rich and wonderful the kitchen of my land is: tielle, orecchiette, mussels and rice, broad beans and chicory. I know all the secrets of these dishes.

My attitude to cooking and my blog is a bit different from traditional Italian cusine. Here you will not find the usual recipes but dishes revisited, decomposed, renewed; I will try, in my small way, to put into practice the teaching of the great chefs, who reinvent and dress up new sets of dishes that have made us famous in the world.
Eat well; enjoy a dinner or a lunch of those who do not mind getting up and sitting there for hours and hours, it’s not just a question of food and ingredients. You have to make an original table setting, plate yout, with the ingredients placed scenographically in the dishes. Also of this I will try to occupy myself here in my blog: the most suitable tablecloths, the right cutlery, the centerpieces, the napkins. Each element is decisive to make the invitation to your table absolutely unforgettable.

I, as already said, I am a graphics designer to live but my work does not excite me at all. It went like this: I later discovered this sacred fire for regional cuisine; unfortunately my mother has insisted so much because I studied computer science, which seemed to be such an important subject. I am happy to live in Milan and above all I am happy to have made my family so proud of me. But at a certain point I had to devote myself to my true vocation, and I became a cook at my house. Every time I go home I study with my mother’s friends new recipes; I am very lucky because old Bari is an endless mine of real clever housewives. Then, back in Milan full of ingredients, pastas, spices, cheeses and desserts, I dedicate myself to my dinners, which have become really sought after and sought after. I fixed the mistake of not devoting myself immediately to the kitchen from an early age making my home a small restaurant, reserved for friends and friends of friends. And I was so successful that sometimes I say that maybe it’s not too late: I should give up everything and open a real restaurant. For now I start with my blog, then in the future will be verdant.